This page contains the most important tasks students are using their computers for and show possible ways to solve those tasks with KDE software.It was created during a Google Code-In Project.

Main tasks that students are doing with their computer

Students are doing plenty tasks with their computer.

Some of the tasks that students are doing with their computers (and unfortunately by using proprietary software most times) could be :

  • They like to surf on the internet and do plenty of things. When students surf the internet, they are visiting various well known sites like Google, Facebook, YouTube etc.
  • Students are burning CDs/DVDs by using known CD/DVD Burning Suites. These can be sometimes free but other times students are forced to purchase them.
  • Office Productivity Suites are widely used by students in order to complete several tasks for school and/or to make presentations
  • Students like to use applications to communicate with their friends/relatives/classmates etc. These applications can be instant messengers or email clients
  • Students are usually using special applications that help them in their school
  • Listening to music and watching videos are and always will be one of the students' main entertainments in their free time
  • Not to forget, students like to take pictures with their camera or mobile phone, then edit them with an image editor and finally upload them in the internet
  • Large files are downloaded by students, usually bu using a torrent client. Students are widely using the peer to peer network.

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