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Promo/Release Announcement Guidelines

Release Announcement Guidelines

This is supposed to give some information on how a release announcement should be formulated, how screenshots should look and what information needs to be in there.

The release team maintain a release checklist here.

See the openSUSE Product Highlights writing guide, it was essentially build on how we do stuff.


All screen shots must be taken as follows:

  • 1280*720 or 1366*768 resolution (small and wide screen to fit articles! A high resolution screen shot looses all details when scaled down as part of a publication)
  • with default theme, color scheme, window decoration, widgets etcetera. No fancy stuff ;-)
  • Try to have application windows big but not maximized
  • Don't overload the screen with windows: more than 2 really is too much, don't let it get too cluttered!

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