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It's been discussed that the promo team should have a list of goodies like shirts, hats, mugs, pens, stickers, etc. It was decided that we could achieve this with the creation of a KDE storefront that sells these things.

What's been done

  1. Sebas and others have registered a storefront on Spreadshirt which you can see at http://gearwear.spreadshirt.com
  2. Sebas designed 2 shirts and posted them
  3. Sebas asked for volunteers to help with getting this going and Justin agreed to lend a hand
  4. Justin sent out several calls for help in designing shirts in blog entries on Planet KDE but got little to no response
  5. Jos spurred a discussion about the status of this in which Stu suggested brainstorming for ideas on specific designs which we could then ask artists to act upon for us

Design proposals

Idea Description Proposed by Designs submitted by Approved?
PC v Mac v KDE 3 people standing next to each other saying, "I'm a PC" (or "I'm Windows" in box w/ window, "I'm a Mac" tied up in mouse cord/ipod earphone cable, "I'm free" standing happy/unbound.  Add KDE logo and "Be Free" slogan. Stuart Jarvis n/a n/a
What is KDE? Konqui, looking confused, asking "What is KDE?" with KDE.org and/or "Ask me" Stuart Jarvis n/a n/a
I am KDE "I am KDE" (optionally with "are you?") + some KDE logos or konqui Stuart Jarvis n/a n/a
KDE logo "in progress"
KDE oxygen logo, with part starting out as a "blueprint" design (no colors, etc), but you have parts of the logo colored in and then part that is totally finished w/ gradient colors/details/etc. Transition of "in progress" to finished product type of idea.
Celeste Paul
KDE art past and present
Chronological design that showcases KDE artwork past & present
p.daniels (@teeahr1) on Identi.ca
Application Specific Designs including app-specific logos or text (perhaps get feedback from each team) Justin Kirby n/a n/a
Team specific Designs geared towards certain teams in community, e.g. Promo team shirts or Artist team shirts, etc Justin Kirby n/a n/a

What still needs to happen

  1. Identify artists willing to create designs based on these ideas (or based on ideas of their own)
  2. Collect these designs here on the wiki
  3. Obtain e.V. Board approval on proposed designs
  4. Upload them to Spreadshirt
  5. Ensure accounting/billing details are properly arranged and configured
  6. Advertise the existence of the store to the community

Longer term plans

  1. Work with sprint/conference organizers to provide event related designs
  2. Work with event sponsors to get them to order KDE gear through our store rather than going through some other channel to have them made

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