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It's been discussed that the promo team should have a list of goodies like shirts, hats, mugs, pens, stickers, etc. It was decided that we could achieve this with the creation of a KDE storefront that sells these things. Stores managed by the KDE Promo team have been created in 2 places so far:

  1. Europe - http://kde-gear.spreadshirt.net
  2. North America - http://gearwear.spreadshirt.com

Items are sold with zero commission and designs are posted freely in the "Spreadshirt Market" so that they can be freely re-used if someone wants to use these to create a custom product that does not currently exist in the store. If you wish to submit a new design or design idea please add it to the page below.

Design requirements for Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt has 2 ways of uploading designs for use. Here are the simplified guidelines:

  1. Pixel - This is the preferred method. Submissions should be in high resolution PNG format. We can post as many of these as we like. While Spreadshirt claims the quality on these is lower than the "vector" prints they do we've found that the shirts look fine. The only major drawback is that pixel designs cannot be used on some items like coffee mugs, bags, hats, etc.
  2. Vector - If you want to use a design on something besides a shirt you'll likely need to submit a vector design. The file has to be saved in .EPS format and can have a maximum of only 3 colors (there are some other minor details as well). Additionally, Spreadshirt limits the number of vector design submissions to a very small number until your store has sold enough products from your store so to start out we will only have a limited number of slots available for these designs.

Once you have a design ready in one of these formats please add it below. If you only have an idea you can add that to the Design Proposal table below and hope that someone else is willing to create it for you but you might have to recruit the artist on your own as we obviously don't have unlimited numbers of people waiting around to handle these things :)

Design proposals

Idea Description Proposed by Designs submitted by Approved?
PC v Mac v KDE 3 people standing next to each other saying, "I'm a PC" (or "I'm Windows" in box w/ window, "I'm a Mac" tied up in mouse cord/ipod earphone cable, "I'm free" standing happy/unbound.  Add KDE logo and "Be Free" slogan. Stu n/a n/a
What is KDE? Konqui, looking confused, asking "What is KDE?" with KDE.org and/or "Ask me" Stu n/a n/a
I am KDE "I am KDE" (optionally with "are you?") + some KDE logos or konqui Stu Saleel Velankar n/a
KDE logo "in progress"
KDE oxygen logo, with part starting out as a "blueprint" design (no colors, etc), but you have parts of the logo colored in and then part that is totally finished w/ gradient colors/details/etc. Transition of "in progress" to finished product type of idea.
Celeste Paul
Lee Olson
KDE art past and present
Chronological design that showcases KDE artwork past & present
p.daniels (@teeahr1) on Identi.ca
KDE people K logo (or Konqui) made up of faces of KDE contributors/users/anyone - slogan "KDE: The sum of its parts" Stu n/a n/a
Part of the KDE Family Konqi and Katie high fiving or engaging in other team/family activities with the text "Part of the KDE Family" (taken from our suggested branding for third party apps) at the front and the KDE Logo and a link to the "Get Involed" page. Ryan Rix Ryan Rix n/a
Application Specific Designs including app-specific logos or text (perhaps get feedback from each team) Justin Kirby n/a n/a
Team specific Designs geared towards certain teams in community, e.g. Promo team shirts or Artist team shirts, etc Justin Kirby n/a n/a
It's Time A merging of the gear logo and an analog clock (plasma?) with the K lying fully inside the clock as the hands of the clock, and the gear teeth running around the outside of the clock. Text above logo "It's Time", optional text below logo "For Linux on the desktop". Because Plasma is all about clocks :-) John Layt Lee Olson n/a
Mass Appeal A Shirt that will appeal to people that might not have even heard of KDE, a design that is not overtly technical but should be able to show some geek cred (for people in the know.) Something that could be used as a conversation starter about what KDE is. Saleel Velankar n/a n/a

Design Development

Work in progress designs to be built upon

PC vs Mac vs KDE

Obviously needs a lot of work from someone who can do computer graphics (that's supposed to be an apple next to the second guy). We can change sex/race etc. Alternative metaphor for Mac would be to put the guy in a big rain coat. We want to avoid direct use of words like Windows and Mac or any of the trademarked logos.


Updated. This is front. Back could just be "Be Free", perhaps with KDE logo and certainly with web address. Probably I prefer the original Windows guy Stu


This is another graphic based on the idea. I think we should honor the community by saying 'we' instead of 'I'. If you have a question or are interessted in the svg source, just contact me Kame2


KDE Logo in progress

Ingo's, based on Celeste's suggestion:


Ingo's alternative take:


(This one could even work with a headline like "connect the pieces", which is indeed a nice ad - courtesy of Nightrose) --Neverendingo 00:45, 29 January 2010 (UTC)

Here's another idea for "In Progress" based on Celeste's suggestion: --Leeolson


Part of the KDE Family

It's Time

Here's an idea for "It's Time" based on John Layt's suggestion: --Leeolson


We are KDE

The idea is that it is supposed to look like a crowd holding up cards (like you see at football matches sometimes). Initially I think it could do with less cards (3x6, 2x4?) to make it simpler and maybe some hands holding them, or bits of people visible. Stu


Input / Output


Give it almost any device and KDE can open up an amazing array of software and experiences. Designed to be free of text so it's a) International language friendly and b) Can be visually "read" in a glance. Is also deliberately OS agnostic. Why KDE "Vs" Mac and Windows? Don't we want people to use us on these platforms? (Yes, I run Linux :-)


Revised version


Revised version (Stu) using stars instead of brackets


Revised version (Stu) using setting it up as a sum (loses the whole IO thing and probably a lot of the point)


Revision 3 by (Bugsbane). I still prefer R2, but hopefully this works better for everyone. :0)

What is KDE


Update with Konqi more confused.

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