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presentations directed at users

Title Author Date Language Location/Notes
KDE-Edu - Des logiciels éducatifs dans le projet KDE (sources) Anne-Marie Mahfouf 2007-06-15 French KDE Edu, French talk at Toulouse in Toulouse
KDE-Edu - Des logiciels éducatifs dans le projet KDE (sources) Xavier Batlle i Pèlach 2007-07-XX Catalan KDE Edu, Catalan slideshow VI Jornades de Programari Lliure Girona
KDE 4.0 Release Event - KDE-Edu presentation Jeremy Whiting 2008-01-08 English KDE Edu, 4.0 Release Event
KDE 4.0 Release Event - KDE-Edu on Windows (sources) Patrick Spendrin 2007-12-01 English KDE Edu, Edu sprint '07 in Paris
Artikulate - How to contribute?! Andreas Cord-Landwehr 2013-07-17 English KDE Edu, Akademy 2013, Artikulate BoF

presentations directed at developers

Presentation Author Date Language Notes
no pdf version
source: Frameworks 5 overview for Qt developers
Jos Poortvliet 2013-09 English Generic overview slides

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