The purpose is to have a collection of open content to include in live CDs or to install on demo equipment to show the power of KDE Plasma Desktop and esp. KDE Applications.



  • add content (description and links).
  • note the license next to each link/file.

Question: Should we link to the content from here? Or just to the main site and pack the content in one file? Where could we store that file?

Who is working on what?

Task / Contributor / Status / Planned finishing date

  • Do summary page on wiki / Thomas (ungethym) / done / 2010-12



  • Open Document Text (odt):
    • What status for “open”? An examination of the licensing policies of open educational organizations and projects (CC-BY): [1]
  • Open Document Spreadheet .ods (CC-BY): [2]
  • Open Document Presentation (odp): (There are a couple of presentations here in the wiki.)
  • MS Word .doc(CC-BY): [3]
  • MS Excel .xls: [4]
  • MS Powerpoint .ppt (Some Rights Reserved): [5]


  • What does KDE mean to you?:

    • (All rights reserved): 787434_83176030_large.png
    • (All rights reserved): 575059_21247565_large.png
  • Be Free.KDE:

    • (All rights reserved): 687994_26496676_large.png
    • (All rights reserved): 801003_14032228_large.png
  • Join the Game:

    • (All rights reserved): 1170737_36181879.png
    • (All rights reserved):



Some short videos to show that they could be played with KDE software. Please use a free file format (e.g. ogv/ogm). Proprietary formats are not installed by default in most distros.

  • or a KDE trailer


Use the web site with lots of music to listen or download for free. All the music on jamendo is available under one of the six Creative Commons licenses. They authorize free download and enable the artists to promote their music while protecting their rights.

Here are some albums to download:

Please use a free file format (e.g. ogv/ogm). Mp3 format is not installed by default in most distros.

Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.