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This is a new page, currently under construction!
Konqi is helping with the news!

Konqi is KDE's mascot. Whenever a little fun is needed, Konqi and his colorful KDE dragon friends are here to help! This page contains many artworks that features Konqi and other KDE dragons, as well as guidelines and source codes that makes the implementation easier.

Want to learn more about Konqi and other KDE dragons? Go to Konqi's page!


Tyson Tan's KDE dragon artworks

  • sRGB color space.
  • Sized around A4 300 dpi, ready for high-quality printing.
  • PNG files with transparent background, easy to be used with any background and surface.
  • All made with Krita.
  • Licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA, GFDL and LGPL.
  • In case of CC-BY-SA, no need to credit the artist when it is awkward to do so.
  • You can request the artist for alteration and new KDE dragon artwork, via twitter or email: .

For KDE.News ("the Dot") and other websites

In general, people appreciate a little visual stimulation when reading an article. Adding a picture to a text-only article makes a huge difference.

Abstract artwork is what displays on the side of the first paragraph of an article. Have a look at Konqi's Wikipedia page and you'll get the idea. Normally, you can use a screenshot, a photos or an icon in that corner. But there are times when you have nothing to work with, and that is when Konqi and other KDE dragons come to rescue!

For Dot, you can click the "edit summary" button to make adjustment to the abstract text. Make sure both the abstract text and the abstract artwork show up on the front page.

Overview gallery

This section lists the thumbnails of the available artworks, each with usage suggestions.

Artworks by Tyson Tan

Artworks by Timothée Giet

Source codes for used on webpage

For using the artworks outside of the KDE Wikis, source codes are provided for each picture.


  • Actual inserted size: 250px wide.
  • By using these source codes, you are linking the artwork images directly from KDE Community's server.

Temporary Thumbnails 250px

These thumbnails are temporary. They are here to generate necessary images for the HTML code to link to. They will be replaced by larger size below them, once the editing process is complete.

Mascot konqi.png Mascot konqi-dev-kde.png Mascot konqi-app-dev-katie.png Mascot konqi-dev-qt.png Mascot konqi-base-framework.png Mascot konqi-base-plasma.png Mascot konqi-app-dev.png Mascot konqi-app-game.png Mascot konqi-app-graphics.png Mascot konqi-app-hardware.png Mascot konqi-app-internet.png Mascot konqi-app-multimedia.png Mascot konqi-app-office.png Mascot konqi-app-presentation.png Konqi in the lab: Science software, experimental features. Mascot konqi-app-system.png Mascot konqi-app-utilities.png Mascot konqi-commu-akademy.png Mascot konqi-commu-journalist.png Mascot konqi-commu-mail.png Mascot konqi-commu-randa.png Mascot konqi-support-bughunt.png Mascot konqi-support-business.png Mascot konqi-support-document.png Mascot konqi-support-search.png

Artworks by Tyson Tan

This section is work in progress. Temporary content were inserted before hand to make the editing process easier.

Mascot konqi.png

Default Konqi
For: Anything.
File:Mascot konqi.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-dev-kde.png

Konqi and KDE Oxygen logo
For: KDE specific, Oxygen, logo.
File:Mascot konqi-dev-kde.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-app-dev-katie.png

Katie and laptop
For: KDE women, mobile device, programming.
File:Mascot konqi-app-dev-katie.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-dev-qt.png

Konqi and Qt
For: Anything Qt.
File:Mascot konqi-dev-qt.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-base-framework.png

Konqi and KDE Frameworks
For: KDE Frameworks, Platforms, and other infrastructures.
File:Mascot konqi-base-framework.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-base-plasma.png

Konqi and Plasma Desktop
For: Plasma, window manager, OpenGL, touch.
File:Mascot konqi-base-plasma.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-app-dev.png

Konqi and his dev PC
For: KDE development software, multi-screen, programming.
File:Mascot konqi-app-dev.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-app-game.png

Konqi and poker
For: Games
File:Mascot konqi-app-game.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-app-graphics.png

Konqi painting
For: Graphics and creative applications.
File:Mascot konqi-app-graphics.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-app-hardware.png

Konqi and hardware
For: Hardware, CPU/GPU multi-thread load-balancing.
File:Mascot konqi-app-hardware.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-app-internet.png

Konqi and internet
For: Internet, web browsers, IRC, instant messenger, networking.
File:Mascot konqi-app-internet.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-app-multimedia.png

Konqi and guitar
For: Music, multimedia, mixer, audio.
File:Mascot konqi-app-multimedia.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-app-office.png

Konqi in office
For: Office productivity, Calligra Suite.
File:Mascot konqi-app-office.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-app-presentation.png

Konqi giving a presentation
For: Presentation, education, teaching.
File:Mascot konqi-app-presentation.png
HTML for webpage:


Konqi in the lab: Science software, experimental features.

Konqi in the lab
For: Science software, experimental features.
File:Mascot konqi-app-science.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-app-system.png

Konqi and the gear
For: System settings, accessibility, KDE system parts.
File:Mascot konqi-app-system.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-app-utilities.png

Konqi the engineer
For: Utility software, engineering, tools, under construction.
File:Mascot konqi-app-utilities.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-commu-akademy.png

Konqi on Akademy
For: Akademy, lecture, presentation.
File:Mascot konqi-commu-akademy.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-commu-journalist.png

Konqi interviewing
For: Event reporting, media coverage, journalist.
File:Mascot konqi-commu-journalist.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-commu-mail.png

Konqi and mails
For: Email client, maillist, communication.
File:Mascot konqi-commu-mail.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-commu-randa.png

Konqi and Randa Meeting
For: Randa Meeting, alpen.
File:Mascot konqi-commu-randa.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-support-bughunt.png

Konqi hunting bugs
For: Bug report, sprints.
File:Mascot konqi-support-bughunt.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-support-business.png

Konqi and serious business
For: KDE.e.V., financial, licensing, law.
File:Mascot konqi-support-business.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-support-document.png

Konqi and documentations
For: Help, support, documentations, books, literature.
File:Mascot konqi-support-document.png
HTML for webpage:


Mascot konqi-support-search.png

Konqi searching in archive
For: Search, archive, documentations.
File:Mascot konqi-support-search.png
HTML for webpage:


Artworks by Timothée Giet

Flying Konqi.png

Flying Konqi
Usage suggestion: Anything
File:Flying Konqi.png
HTML for webpage:

<div style="width: 360px; float: right; padding: 1ex; margin: 1ex; border: 0px solid grey;"><a href=" Konqi.png"><img src="" /></a></div>

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