It is 2014. Text without images is boring. Soon, we'll only publish images, but until then we just add images to texts to make them more interesting.

Every article should, ideally, have one 'titular' image and some others to lighten up the text. The 'titular' image should be on top and be part of the first paragraph, thus showing up on the dot home page to make that less boring. Use the "edit summary" button to ensure not only the first text paragraph but also the image show up on the front page. This might require some fiddling with the text to ensure it is not too short!

Ideally, the images are part of the story - logo's of projects we write about, group photos of events and so on, but this doesn't always work and that is where our stock art comes in! Find 'em below with some sample html.

Konqi's by Tyson Tan

The new official KDE Mascot is the new Konqy by Tyson. Kde.png All Konqi's (not really to be used in dot articles)

Mascot konqi.png The original mascot!

Mascot 20140702 konqui-group.png Group of Konqi's

Mascot 20131006 konqui t.png Painting and creative (Krita) Konqi

Mascot konqi-base-framework.png Frameworks Konqi

Mascot konqi-commu-journalist.png Communication and press Konqi

Mascot konqi-app-science.png Education and science Konqi

Mascot konqi-base-plasma.png Plasma/Workspace/User interface Konqi

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