The things in the list need to be checked with other promo ppl and the booth team (just mail kde-promo) and then a list needs to be made where to get the items and what it would cost. Then the e.V. needs to be asked for money, the stuff needs to be bought, and a meeting set up at the Berlin office to assemble the boxes and celebrate. Get started by putting your name behind the tasks (and update them, add & remove stuff) on the kde promo Tasks page and introducing yourself and your good intentions on kde-promo at

Needed skills: being stubborn and persistent.

You will learn: how to push people, make decisions, plan, and how nice Berlin is when going out with KDE promo people. And you'll get a free pint there ;-)

Contents of the 'big boothbox'

(it's not all in there for sure, needs checking and probably improving, moreover, things need to be added)

  • 4 Network cables - For those booths that have a wired network (like SCALE). 2 for the Demo computers, and 2 for additional laptops that some may bring.
  • A router - Usually each booth only gets one network line, so this is for plugging in more than one computer at the booth into the network using the above cables.
  • Surge protector with at least 6 plugs - All this equipment needs power.
  • A Banner - To tell folk what we are promoting.
  • Safety pins, hooks, packing tape, masking tape, and electrical tape - To hang the banner and tie up the cables, if needed.
  • Pens and pencils and markers in different sizes and colors.
  • t-shirts, stickers and other goodies for sale
  • cool KDE postcards

Surely not there yet but should be in there:

  • 8 t-shirts for boothmembers (still must be designed)
  • 2 decent Demo computers (not there right now?!?) Preferably all-in-one touchscreen capable devices, low power etc. One can dream...
  • KDE information leaflets (need to be printed)

Things that might be helpful:

  • blank sheets of textile (2x2 metres is a good measure) to cover up, decorate, etc. depending on the location. Makes the booth look magnitudes better when it is located - say - in a shabby gym. Not so necessary on professional fairgrounds.

Contents of the 'medium booth box'

(to be determined, a quick start below)

  • 2 network cables
  • 4 t-shirts for booth members
  • Surge protector with at least 6 plugs - Equipment needs power.
  • Gaffer and scotch tape.
  • Pens and pencils and markers in different sizes and colors.
  • stickers and small goodies for sale
  • small demo device(s) like N900(s)
  • cool KDE postcards
  • KDE information leaflets
  • KDE promo poster(s)

Contents of small booth box

  • cool t-shirt for give away
  • Stickers, pins and small goodies for give away
  • cool KDE postcards
  • KDE poster
  • KDE information leaflets
  • KDE promo poster
  • Probably also some kind of tape and pens.

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