This page contains links to materials that can be used for promoting the KDE community and its products.

Source materials are collected by the KDE Promo team on the KDE Nextcloud instance -

The main folder for source materials is Assets -

The following subpages contain links to materials by type and/or purpose.

We try to collect as much material as possible here, but it can always happen that something is not catalogued here. If you notice that some material is missing, please add it to the appropriate subpage.

Note that some of these subpages contain old and outdated materials. We preserve them for historical purposes, but you can also use them as inspiration to create new materials.

  • Presentations: An archive of slides from talks given by KDE community members. Can be used as inspiration for new presentations, or you can update and repurpose the content for your own needs.
  • Artwork: Promotional artwork such as banners, posters, leaflets, brochures, and all other visual material that can be printed or used in social media campaigns.
  • Mascots: Source files and details about Konqi and Katie, KDE's mascots.
  • Press Kit: Links to old and new press kit materials.
  • Swag: Materials and design ideas for shirts, stickers, pins, pens, and other small goodies that can be distributed for free at events.
  • Video Assets: The source folder on Nextcloud containing various assets used for producing promo videos.

Subpages with outdated content

  • Open Content: Content under a free/open license that could be used on live CDs or demo equipment.
  • Booth setup: Advice and materials you can use to set up a conference booth.
  • Archived Swag Page: Archived version of the Swag page with old designs, plans, and ideas for shirts, stickers, and other small goodies.

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