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Akonadi communication strategy

Communicating to users what Akonadi is and is supposed to do is rather dificult. Akonadi is fairly low-level, and does not bring immediate benefits or features not available before like Nepomuk - at first. As with Nepomuk, we don't know what the future benefits will turn out to be.

However, we need to communicate better about Akonadi as it can lead to issues, is seen as another 'piece of bloath' and another big promise with little result. By providing clear information and good examples of what Akonadi will do for the user, we can counter these issues.


do cool things with Akonadi TODAY


You won't even know you're using it

  • EXAMPLES of how akonadi helps without any intervention

It solves real world issues

  • EXAMPLES of real world issues solved by Akonadi

issues it stil might have that might bite you (price of progress)

  • Due to being a new kind of technology being brought into mainstream use for the first time, tools for the technologies that underpin Akonadi were few and mostly academic in nature: they worked, but performance was not a goal. Akonadi is using more and more infrastructure that has been written with production use and performance in mind.
  • As a new kind of technology, KDE packagers were not familiar with it or all the techniques to deliver it in a well functioning manner to their (and our) users. As packagers are gaining experience with Akonadi, the quality of system integration is improving and a higher quality user experience is resulting due to improved packaging and out-of-the-box configuration.

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