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User Glossary

  • KDE – the community of contributors and users of KDE Software
  • KDE software – the software created by the KDE community, including applications, workspaces, and development platform
  • KDE applications – the applications built on the KDE on the platform
  • Software Compilation – the applications, workspaces and development framework which adheres to a centralized bi-annual release schedule
  • Activity – ???
  • Widget – Micro applications that are always running directly on the desktop, the panel or on the dashboard
  • Dashboard -
  • Plasma – the name of the team that creates workspaces targeted at different devices.
  • Plasma Active - ??? an extension of Plasma that is focused on customized/scalable user experiences for all devices ???
  • Plasma Mobile – a KDE workspace customized for mobile devices
  • Plasma Netbook – a KDE workspace customized for netbook devices
  • Plasma Desktop – a Kde workspace customized for desktop devices
  • Planet KDE – a web site which aggregates the blog postings of all contributors to the KDE community
  • Panel – an area within a Plasma workspace which is attached to an edge of your screen and which contains widgets
  • Cashew – see Desktop Toolbox
  • Desktop Toolbox – a tool for controlling to your Plasma workspace which grants access to configuration options and allows for adding widgets and panels
  • Sprint – a detailed, focused working meeting where members of a KDE team meet in person to address a defined agenda (andkjw you getj drunzdk)

Get Hot New Stuff – a web service that allows users to easily download and manage new content for KDE software such wallpapers, themes, application add-ons, etc.

  • Krunner – a swiss army knife widget which allows quick access to a wide variety of functionality including application launching, searching, and calculations
  • Kmenu (see application launcher)
  • K button (see application launcher)
  • Application Launcher – a widget which provides easy access to launching applications and the contents of your computer
  • Akademy
  • Camp KDE
  • Desktop Summit

Contributor glossary

  • KDE libs
  • KDE platform
  • KDE development framework
  • KDE base
  • Oxygen
  • Akonadi
  • Strigi
  • Nepomuk
  • Virtuoso
  • Soprano
  • Phonon (mention xine/vlc)
  • Plasmoid
  • Solid
  • Kio
  • Qt
  • Qt Quick
  • QML
  • Code of Conduct
  • Gluon
  • Extragear
  • Playground
  • Blackhole (maybe something else now?)
  • KDE review
  • Kgethotnewstuff
  • open collaboration services

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