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Promo/Guidance/General KDE Talking Points

Wow features

Things to talk about or demonstrate that make KDE software better than the competition

  • KWin desktop effects
    • Bling: Cover Flow switcher
    • Useful: Desktop grid combined with expose type effect
  • Kopete
    • All your chat accounts in one app
  • Amarok
    • Wikipedia, Flickr, YouTube integration
    • Magnatune - buy your music right here
  • Digikam
    • Brilliant editor built in
    • Export to everywhere with kipi
  • KRunner
    • You computer is smart - type what you want to do/use
  • Marble
    • OpenStreetMap
  • Gwenview
  • KIO
    • Audiocd - "copy" files straight from the CD
    • Fish
  • Microblog widget
  • Kwallet
  • Plasma flexibility - build your own workspace

Other ideas

I (Stu) have moved ideas I don't find compelling or needing more info to the 'Discussion' tab of this page to keep the main page clean. Please re-import things as required.

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