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*Plasma flexibility - build your own workspace
*Plasma flexibility - build your own workspace
==Other ideas==
==Other ideas==
These are either not compelling or need info to be added to the short list above. Please feel free to adjust.
I ([[User:Stu|Stu]]) have moved ideas I don't find compelling or needing more info to the 'Discussion' tab of this page to keep the main page clean. Please re-import things as required.
*Meteo applet in a PANEL (weather applet on desktop takes too much space and is generally useless, whereas put in the panel it's discrete and classy when you click on it and just pop-up the weather state!)
** Need to have a look at this and see
*Folder View - quick and easy access to certain folders, certain kinds of files
** Possibly, particularly if combined with activities, perhaps (have different files on your desktop in work and play modes?
** Perhaps - Gnome has this too, how about Windows and Mac?
*Themability of KDE-Games + KNewStuff - little things that make a big impression
**Perhaps point out more generally the extensive features and quality of what on other platforms would be preinstalled "dummy apps"?
*KDevelop's Semantic Highlighting - technical, but pretty awesome and useful
*K3b - Application for CD / DVD / Blueray authoring. Use instead of Nero / PowerISO / Easy CD Creator.  Can rip, copy, erase and or burn with a number of supported formats, using application interface or guided wizards.
** So how's it obviously better than Nero etc?
*KMyMoney2(soon to be version 4) - Application for home money management.  Use instead of Microsoft Money.  Hides the complexity of double accounting in simple to edit transactions.  Customizable reports show you where your money is being spent, with future projections.  Able to import from online bank websites.
** Wow factor?
*Kaffeine - Application for DVD and video viewing.  Replaces PowerDVD / Microsoft Media Player. Intuitive interface and able to skip the none skipable parts of a DVD.
** Not obeying DVD spec (skipping stuff) is nice, but is it a wow? Also the software has some legal issues (potentially) in some places so not suitable for demonstating everywhere
*Kdenlive - Application for video editing. Video editing for users. Similar to Sony Vegas
** Is it better? What's the wow feature?
*Dolphin - Very easy file browsing(the + mark feature for example), nice previews, split feature
** Again, what's the wow factor (maybe once some more Nepomuk stuff gets added?
*Dolphin - Audio CD ripping just by copying folders!
** Mentioned above, but thanks
*Device notifier applet + Battery applet
** Really a wow compared to other platforms?
*KMess - easy, fast and powerful MSN chat application.
** But better than the others in an obvious wow kind of way?

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Wow features

Things to talk about or demonstrate that make KDE software better than the competition

  • KWin desktop effects
    • Bling: Cover Flow switcher
    • Useful: Desktop grid combined with expose type effect
  • Kopete
    • All your chat accounts in one app
  • Amarok
    • Wikipedia, Flickr, YouTube integration
    • Magnatune - buy your music right here
  • Digikam
    • Brilliant editor built in
    • Export to everywhere with kipi
  • KRunner
    • You computer is smart - type what you want to do/use
  • Marble
    • OpenStreetMap
  • Gwenview
  • KIO
    • Audiocd - "copy" files straight from the CD
    • Fish
  • Microblog widget
  • Kwallet
  • Plasma flexibility - build your own workspace

Other ideas

I (Stu) have moved ideas I don't find compelling or needing more info to the 'Discussion' tab of this page to keep the main page clean. Please re-import things as required.

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