Promo/Events/Release Parties/4.5

This page is for KDE SC 4.5 release party listings. Please follow the following template for readability.

If you have questions about organizing a release party you can contact the KDE promo team (kde-promo at or Lydia (lydia at directly.

It'd be great if you would write a short report on the event and send it to kde-promo at, including some photos from the event. We'll then turn it into a dot story!



  • Date: DD/MM/YY (preferably within three weeks of release (4. August))
  • Time: 00:00LOCAL - 00:00LOCAL
  • Place: 12 Krazy Ave, Krazytown, Krazyland (link to map)
  • Organizer: Luis (email)
  • Other info:
    • Bring your own beer!
  • Who is coming? (Add yourself here if you want to come!)
    • Brian
    • Melissa
  • What are you doing?
    • Melissa will give a talk about 4.4
    • have a few beers
    • have fun



  • Date: 07/08/10
  • Time: tbd
  • Place: tbd
  • Organizer: Lydia Pintscher (lydia at and Michael Leupold (lemma at
  • Other info:
    • ...
  • Who is coming? (Add yourself here if you want to come!)
    • Lydia Pintscher
    • Michael Leupold
  • What are you doing?
    • talks maybe (who wants to give a short one?)
    • food and drinks
    • fun! :D

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