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KDE at Qt Dev Days

KDE is a partner at Qt Dev Days, where we will have a booth in the exhibition space and run the Qt Contributors Day.

Booth Talking Points

Two target groups, Developers and Sponsors.


  • Looking to attract new contributors
  • Great way to learn new Qt skills or play with new tech
  • Work with many skilled Qt devs
  • Make yourself visible to potential employers

Sponsors: Looking for new companies to become involved with KDE, either for development or funding

  • Sponsoring KDE will expose you to a large pool of Qt talent to hire from
  • Qt provides a neutral ground for companies to collaborate
  • Provide quaily software: libraries, apps and platforms
  • Experienced working with companies to develop FOSS projects

KDE has vast Qt experience

  • 15 years developing with Qt
  • KDE testing ground for many new Qt features
  • A number of Qt maintainers are KDE devs / alumni
  • KDE is largest non-commercial contributor to Qt, possibly 3rd largest overall

KDE has a large pool of Qt talent to mentor devs / hire from

  • KDE alumni include Lars, Thiago, Kalle, many KDAB employees
  • QtDevDays program 18 of 48 speakers are KDE alumni
  • Many students get first introduction to Qt and real-world development through KDE

KDE is one of the largest and most mature Open Source communities

  • 700+ people contribute to each KDE release
  • Translated into xxx languages
  • Cross-platform support Linux/Win/Mac
  • Incubated Qt Android port
  • Involved with EU research projects

KDE has mature code offerings

  • Frameworks 5, a set of Qt Addons from KDE, coming Q1 2014
  • Mature well tested and proven code with minimum dependencies
  • Many old heavy dependencies removed by contributions to Qt
  • e.g. Widgets, ThreadWeaver, Archive, Mapping, PIM
  • Frameworks talk on Wednesday

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