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KDE is at FOSS-North in 2019 with a community day and a booth (maybe a talk).

* conference site Dates: april 7, 8, 9 2019 Places: Chalmers Conference Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden Open Street Map
* Call for Participation on -community and -ev-membership


The booth is a lot like FOSDEM: one table, and we can hand out stickers, demo products, and sell T-shirts.

TODO: table of stuff to bring / who does what

Community Day

We have the opportunity to run a community day in-house with a friendly C++-oriented company in Gothenburg. (It's also on the opposite shore of the harbour, which means a neat ferry-ride).

TODO: topics, attendees?


KDE was at FOSS-North in 2018 with a booth and a talk on KDE governance.

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