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KDE at FOSDEM 2019

FOSDEM 2019, 2 - 3 February, ULB Campus Solbosch, Brussels, Belgium

We have a stand confirmed.

KDE Promo work item


For quick on-the-ground coordination we have a Telegram group you can join, Co4SehLO3h-rzBaJJx0rWQ .


Please add yourself and your details if you are coming

Name Available to help on the stall? Interested in Saturday evening meal Accommodation
Jonathan Riddell yes yes Ibis Brussels City Centre (St Catheline)
David Edmundson yes yes Ibis Brussels City Centre (St Catheline)
Bhushan Shah yes yes Ibis Brussels City Centre (St Catheline)
Boudewijn Rempt yes probably not Ibis Brussels City Centre (St Catheline)
Irina Rempt yes probably not Ibis Brussels City Centre (St Catheline)
Wolthera van Hövel tot Westerflier yes probably not Ibis Brussels City Centre (St Catheline)
Ivana Devcic yes TBD Private accommodation near Botanical Garden
Adriaan de Groot yes no Private accommodation near ULB
David Narvaez yes yes TBD
Timothée Giet yes probably not Hotel in city centre
Rohan Garg no no Private accommodation near ULB


2017 wrapup has figures https://marc.info/?l=kde-community&m=148638341908090&w=2 we had 200 stickers which went quickly

What? Who? Status
Stickers ordering jospoortvliet / transport jriddell / ade Flyeralarm.com 10K 2*7 cm Neon + 10K 3cm square K-logo (ade has a bunch too)
Name badges jriddell I have a bunch from previous years
Live demo of Krita Wolthera Note: we might be able to bring a HDR capable system. This is extremely spectacular, but Krita has to run on Windows for this to work. It depends on whether we can find someone with a car to bring the heavy hardware.
Demo of KDE Neon jriddell jriddell will bring a slimbook 2
Demo of Plasma Mobile jriddell
Demo of RK3399 rohan rohan's latest board, Jonathan brings monitor
Demo of GCompris Animtim I'll bring a pinebook to run demo of latest GCompris
Table cloth d_ed david has this for freenode live
Hanger stick jriddell I have a handle that sticks to window behind stall we can hang stuff from
Swag (T-shirts, etc) jriddell I have a bunch, need to count and check if I want to order more
Roll-up banner d_ed David has one for freenode live
Krita DVDs, stickers, books and other goodies boud + jriddell jriddel has about 6 -- boud has stacks and heaps
Duct Tape or similar jriddell
Tie wraps jriddell
Power adapters jriddell
Phone chargers jriddell
Power strips jriddell
Payments jriddell Evaluating Paypal Here
Neon roll up jriddell designed, still to order
Come Home to KDE in 2019 poster jriddell/paul designed, still to order

Friday Drinks

Meet at FOSDEM beer event, Delerium?

Saturday Food and Drinks with NextCloud

Jonathan Booked for: 55 rue de l'ecuyer, 1000 Bruxelles, 20:00 to midnight, €300 buffet

15 NextClouders are coming

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