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KDE at FOSDEM 2018

FOSDEM 2018, 3 - 4 February, ULB Campus Solbosch, Brussels, Belgium

  • KDE will have a stall
  • KDE does not have a devroom (there's no desktop-specific devroom at all)
  • KDE does not have known talks in other devrooms


For quick on-the-ground coordination we have a Telegram group you can join, Co4SehLO3h-rzBaJJx0rWQ .


Please add yourself and your details if you are coming

Name Available to help on the stall? Interested in Saturday evening meal Accommodation Mobile
Adriaan de Groot Yes No ? +31 6 2856 1142
Lydia Pintscher Only a little bit No Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie? ask someone at the booth - they should have it
José Millán Soto Yes Yes Easyhotel +34 680580393
Boud, Irina and Wolthera Probably not No Noga Hotel, Du Béguinage 38 ask someone at the booth - they should have it
Ingo Klöcker Yes No ? use the Telegram group (or look at {identity,ev}.kde.org)
Neofytos Kolokotronis Yes No N/A available in the Telegram group

Booth People

If you are helping out at the booth, please note additional information for booth staff:

Name IRC Nick T-shirt
Adriaan de Groot [ade] XL
Ingo Klöcker mahoutsukai S
Neofytos Kolokotronis tetris4 L


What? Who? Status
Name badges ? ?
Demo of KDE Neon ? ?
Demo of Plasma Mobile ? ?
Table cloths - 2 x large blue ? ?
Flag ? ?
Swag (T-shirts, etc) ? ?
Amigurumi Konquis fid_jose Will speak with Alicia this week to see if she can do a few
Posters ? ?
Frameworks 5 leaflets ? ?
Krita DVDs & Books I will bring stuff, booklets, dvd's and swag. It can be sold (revenue for KDE) or given away.
20 Years of KDE book ? ?
Duct Tape or similar ? ?
Tie wraps ? ?
Power adapters ? ?
Phone chargers ? ?
Power strips ? ?
Kensington locks ? ?
Social experiment (Each year there's some funny social experiment or information-collection going on, maybe a sketchbook or extra postcards for a message to Konqui?) ? ?

Friday Drinks

Drinks at Delirium or use Telegram group (see top of page) to find quieter place.

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