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KDE at FOSDEM 2016

FOSDEM 2016, 30 - 31 January, ULB Campus Solbosch, Brussels, Belgium

  • KDE will be part of the Desktops DevRoom on Sunday only ([1]), devroom organised by Pau Garcia i Quiles, call for papers open until Dec 6 [2] [3]
  • KDE will probably have a stall (one table)


KDE at FOSDEM 2016 telegram group, join it if you want to hang around with us https://telegram.me/joinchat/A36wiAZdada9gicoOwqxlw


Please add yourself and your details if you are coming

Name Available to help on the stall? Book me a place at Saturday evening meal (cost €20 to JRiddell) Accommodation? Phone number
Jonathan Riddell Saturday and Sunday Yes Ibis St Catherine +447941 938 912
Rick Timmis - Cancelled Bronchitis Saturday and Sunday No TBC +447766 145 892
Rohan Garg Saturday and Sunday Yes Snuggling with Jonathan +34625112103
Ingo Klöcker Saturday and Sunday Yes tbd see identity.k.o
Lydia Pintscher Saturday and Sunday maybe TBD see identity.kde.org
José Millán Soto Saturday and Sunday Yes Ibis St Catherine see identity.k.o
Stephen Kelly Saturday and Sunday Yes tbd see identity.k.o
Adriaan de Groot ([email protected]) Saturday and Sunday somewhat Yes Apt. at Brouckere (could share; contact me) +31 6 2856 1142
Ruphy Saturday and Sunday Yes not yet +39 348 86 09 558
Yannick Kiekens Saturday and Sunday Yes Ibis St Catherine +32 474 05 85 03
Jos van den Oever An hour here and there Yes Novotel see identity.k.o
Mathieu Tarral Saturday and Sunday Yes to be defined see identity
Agustin Benito Bethencourt Saturday and Sunday Yes to be defined +44 7748872841
Sune Vuorela Maybe Yes in a bed ask
Add yourself here Saturday and Sunday Yes TBD +44 123 456


Cross Desktop Room with Gnome, Enlightenment, etc al Sunday. Deadline for submitting a talk is Dec 6th


We have only been allocated 1 table this year

What? Who? Status
Name badges
Demo of X
Demo of Y
Table cloths - 2 x large blue
Swag (T-shirts, etc) José Millán (See bellow)
Amigurumi Konquis José Millán (See bellow)
Poster of X
Poster of Y
Manifesto Business Cards
Frameworks 5 leaflets
Join The Game forms
FLA forms
Krita DVDs & Books
Duct Tape or similar
unspecified flyers, shirts

Merchandise (T-shirts, etc)

I will carry from Galicia the suitcase containing the remaining merchandise from Akademy. The stock is as follows:

Item Size Quantity
Amigurimi Konqui Medium 5
Small 1
KDE India T-Shirts XL, red 3
XL, blue 4
2XL, orange 1
3XL, orange 1
Konqui T-Shirts 2XL 5
XL 4
L 1
M 9
S 1
KDE Logo T-Shirts 2XL 5
XL 4
L 9
M 3

Friday Drinks

Drinks at Delirium or use Telegram group (see top of page) to find quieter place. https://fosdem.org/2016/beerevent/

Saturday Neon Launch Party

Jonathan has booked a room in Grand Place at La Paon 20:30 on Sat evening to celebrate the launch of KDE Neon. Cost is €20 each payable to Jonathan which includes finger food and the rest towards drinks until money runs out (then buy drinks with cash). You need to book in the table above to be able to come.

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