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CeBIT 2010 will take place in Hannover, Germany during March 2-6, 2010. KOffice's presence at CeBIT 2010 will be coordinated by XXX.


We have successfully applied for a KOffice booth (confirmed on January 20th). Booth is at hall XXX.


  • Information
    • Check the booth layout with CeBIT (Britta) [ingwa]
    • Check if there is a presentation spot (Britta) [ingwa]
    • Ask the eV for a budget [eckhart]
    • Research and book accomodation (check with suresh chande at Nokia) [ingwa, sven]
  • Staff
    • Remind Suresh Chande that he was going to dig up somebody from Nokia to help [ingwa]
  • Booth contents [sven coordinates?]
    • Find out the booth layout [ingwa] (see above)
    • Check Name of Nokia guy [ingwa]
    • Big monitor (eckhart)
    • Technology
      • computers (is laptop enough?) (eckhart 1x) (sven 1x)
      • network equipment (switch, extra cables, wireless 3G modem?) (eckhart)
      • Kensington locks (eckhart 2x) (sven 1x)
      • N900 [nokia guy]
    • Information
      • Poster
      • roll-up
      • White paper about KOffice [ingwa]
      • Demo data [ingwa]
      • flyers or business card lookalikes.
  • Personal stuff
    • Nametags


Name Mail Phone Number Tue 2nd Wed 3rd Thu 4th Fri 5th Sat 6th accommodation needed
Inge Wallin [email protected] +46 707 260 853 x x x x x yes
Sven Krohlas [email protected] +49 7247 3116 (no mobile) x x x x x yes
Eckhart Wörner [email protected] +49 173 8026512 x x x x - yes
Guy from Nokia mail phone ? ? ? ? ? no (nokia takes care of that)
Pierre Stirnweiss (?) (?) - - x x x yes


The following reservations are approved:

Bed Mon-Tue Tue-Wed Wed-Thu Thu-Fri Fri-Sat Sat-Sun

Accomodation is at Altenauer Weg 8, 30419 Hannover.

Project presentation

No presentation is scheduled so far.


We will get two exhibitor passes and enough free online tickets for everybody. __If you like to have some free tickets, just send XXX a mail.__


2009: You can use use your tickets for public transport if you tick the date of validity on the ticket.

Booth equipment

  • Laptops (maybe including kensington locks)
    • One from Sven
  • Duct tape
  • Networking: Ethernet cables, Switch
  • Power supply (maybe adapters needed, depending on your country!)
  • posters

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