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Promo/Events/Booth How To

KDE booths should aspire for a high(er) standard. There is work to do to prepare this, but a few things can be done rather easily.

  • Try to create a space for talking. If there is a table, move it to the wall instead of having it between the visitors and the KDE people


  • Get some blue tablecloth at approximate the shade of blue in the logo.
  • Bring a twentysomething inch monitor and some computer that can drive it. Adapt a slideshow [john layt provides a link hopefully] for your audience. Make it run looped on the setup. People are going to be attracted by this, so be ready to talk about the slides
  • Ensure that the people in the booth knows about the slides and can talk a bit about them.
  • Bring powerstrips
  • See if you can acquire a chair and use it when no visitors around. But only when there are no visitors around. and be quick to stand up. else you will be complaining about your feet or knees in the evening
  • Have some stickers and stuff available. Claudia can mail them around. Ensure that there is enough on the table at all times, but not too many. Too few makes people not wanting to pick them up. Too many makes people take a entire handful.

For bonus points

  • Get a KDE Banner and such.
  • Maybe bring a extra laptop to be able to demo apps on. Though less important than the above. Open up marble. slowly zoom into the area where you are to ensure tiles are cached for showing off. Have a file that demonstrates massif-visualizer [link] and afile to demonstrate kcachegrind. [link]. Get data to fill in kontact [link]

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