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*[http://akademy2008.kde.org/ Official web page]
*[http://akademy2008.kde.org/ Official web page]
*[[Events/Akademy/2008/Attendees|Attendees]]: tell us if you're coming
*[[/Attendees|Attendees]]: tell us if you're coming
=== Photos ===
=== Photos ===

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Akademy 2008

Akademy 2008 will take place at the De Nayer Institute in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium, Saturday 9 August to Friday 15 August 2008.


Please link to your photos here...

If you want, you can add license information for your photos.

Train Times

Train times from St. Kat. Waven to Mechelen:

18:28, 18:54, 19:28, 19:54, 20:28, 20:54, 21:28, 21:54, 22:28, 22:54

BOF Sessions

BOF Sessions will be announced here

Slots are 1 hour long. The person booking the slot is responsible for organising and running the session (possibly with the help of others).

BOF rooms

Room 1 (A113): 67 seats, Data projector, Blackboard

Room 2 (A117): 67 seats, Data projector, Blackboard

Room 3 (A118): 50 chairs at 25 tables, 5 power sockets, Data projector, Blackboard


BOF room 1

12:00-13:00 KDE Games

14:00-15:00 Social Desktop Open Colaboration

17:00-18:00 KDE Promo - efficient events handling

BOF room 2

14:00-15:00 KDE Games Extended

BOF room 3

14:00-15:00 Marble


BOF room 1

09:00-10:00 KDE PIM/Akonadi

10:00-11:00 Organising Large KDE Events

15:00-16:00 marketing

BOF room 2

11:00-12:00 Nepomuk

12:00-13:00 KDE Spain

14:00-15:00 wikinew.kde.org

15:00-16:00 KDE Games Multiplayer News

16:00-17:00 community

BOF room 3

09:00-10:00 Solaris the platform

10:00-11:00 DTrace

11:00-12:00 Studio 12

Afternoon and evening HCI Day


13:00 OpenStreetMap party

Amarok Den

16:00-17:00 Phonon

  • Maintainership
  • Future
  • PulseAudio integration and device listing handling in general
  • VideoDataOutput and Quasar integration
  • AudioDataOutput
  • Audio Capture
  • Video Capture
  • do we already have a Backend mess?


  • boat trip departs 12.45. We will board the boat in Mechelen at the Rode Kruisplein. This is on the

other side of the road of brewery "Het Anker" where the social event will take place.

BOF room 1

10:00-11:00 Innovation in KDE

11:00-12:00 Release Team / KDE Development Model

BOF room 2

09:00-10:00 Universal Plug and Play support in KDE

11:00-12:00 Translation workflow and quality check tools

BOF room 3


BOF room 1
BOF room 2
BOF room 3

10:00-12:00 Private Akademy Meeting

Setting Up Icecream

This page mainly serves as a simple copy and page crafted for using Icecream during Akademy08.

Important note: To save the network resources for people using wireless resources it is not allowed to use distcc or the Icecream cluster over wireless devices.


All details on Icecream are on the SuSE project page:



  • Room 116 : (net icecc_a116)
  • Room 213 (Lab 2) : (net icecc_a213)
  • Room 203 (huge core 2 duo farm) (net icecc_a203)



sudo apt-get install icecc icecc-monitor


  • enable Unsupported Updates (hardy-backports) with software-properties-kde
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install icecc icecc-monitor


emerge icecream

Configuration file is in /etc/conf.d/ instead of /etc/icecc. icemon is not included in the main portage tree. Get ebuild here.


yast -i icecream icecream-monitor

Using Icecream


  • Open /etc/icecc/icecc.conf
  • save and restart icecc: "/etc/init.d/icecc restart".


  • Set ICECREAM_NETNAME and ICECREAM_SCHEDULER_HOST in /etc/conf.d/icecream
  • type "/etc/init.d/icecream start" to start the daemon.

General use

To use icecream with normal GNU Make, all that you have to do is just override the path to gcc/g++.

export PATH=[your-path-to-icecc]/bin:$PATH

When using GNU make, give -j option to build parallel.

make -j# (# is number of jobs)

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