Use this page to track the events you have been to or are planning to attend. This page is meant to:

  • keep track of the status of what's going on for upcoming events
  • keep a record of who helped/organized with past events so we have people to contact next year about the event
  • serve as a historical record to make it easy to report to the e.V. what events we attended

Be sure to also notify the KDE-Promo mailing list of any new events so that they can be added to our main events calendar at



Event Location Start Date End Date Status Organizers
FOSDEM Brussels, Belgium February 6nd, 2010 February 7th, 2010 Past event
CeBIT Hannover, Germany March 2nd, 2010 March 6th, 2010 Past event Eckhart Wörner
FrOSCon Germany Aug 21, 2010 Aug 22, 2010 Past event Eckhart Wörner
FROSCamp Zürich, Switzerland Sept 17, 2010 Sept 18, 2010 Past event Myriam and Markey
Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage Kiel, Germany Oct 1, 2010 Oct 2, 2010 We have a booth and two talks (marble and kontact news in a groupware track).

Anyone else interested in helping at the booth please let Bastian know.

Bastian will manage this one together with Julian.
Brandenburger Linux-Info-Tag Potsdam, Germany Nov 6, 2010 Nov 6, 2010 help wanted
OpenRheinRuhr Oberhausen, Germany Nov 13, 2010 Nov 14, 2010 Help wanted Eckhart Wörner
LinuxDay Dornbirn Dornbirn, Austria Nov 27, 2010 Nov 27, 2010 KDE booth and presentation Thomas (ungethym)


Event Location Start Date End Date Status Organizers
CeBIT Hannover, Germany March 1, 2010 March 5, 2010 Call for Projects expected soon


Event Location Start Date End Date Status Organizers
LAN Parties

July 17, 2010
July 18, 2010
Past event Baltasar Ortega
Open Source World Conference
October 27, 2010
October 28, 2010
Antonio submitting a paper
Antonio Larrosa, Agustín Benito Bethencourt

North America

Event Location Start Date End Date Status Organizers
South East Linux Fest (SELF) Spartanburg, SC June 11, 2010 June 13, 2010 Past event Justin Kirby, Celeste Paul
Community Leadership Summit
Portland, Oregon
July 17, 2010
July 18, 2010
Past event Lydia, Jeff, Valorie
Portland, Oregon
July 19, 2010
July 23, 2010
Past event Lydia, Jeff, Valorie
Boston, MA
Aug 10, 2010
Aug 12, 2010
Past event Leo Franchi, Itai, Craig
FOSSLC Summer Camp Ottawa, Ontario Aug 14, 2010 Aug 14, 2010 Past event Aaron Seigo
Ohio Linux Fest
Columbus, OH
Sept 10, 2010
Sept 12, 2010
Past event Klaatu, Mackenzie
Utah Open Source Conference
Salt Lake City, Utah
Oct 7, 2010
Oct 9, 2010
Registered booth
Jeremy Whiting, Ryan Rix
Ontario Linux Fest
Toronto, Ontario
Oct 23, 2010
Oct 23, 2010
call for papers closes Sept 30th, 2010.
Troy mentioned he would attend but has not registered yet
LAX, Los Angeles, California
Feb 25, 2011
Feb 27, 2011
Information forthcoming from organizers.
Aaron Johnson

South America/Brazil

Event Location Start Date End Date Status Organizers
Fisl 11: International Forum on Free Software
Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil
July 21, 2010
July 24, 2010
Past event Tomaz Canabrava, Sandro Andrade
ENSL - Brazilian Northeastern Free Software Meeting
Natal, Brazil
November 5, 2010
November 6, 2010
still 2009's, 2010's should
go here
Sandro Andrade
Latin-American Conference on Free Software November 10, 2010 November 12, 2010
Sandro Andrade


Event Location Start Date End Date Status Organizers
FOSS.IN Bangalore, India
Dec 2010?
Dec 2010?
need more info from Pradeepto

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