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  • regular articles about KDE statistics
  • how will the kde plasma workspace evolve?
    • Some usability ideas on how kde may look like in 2 to 3 years with all the tablet and multitouch stuff coming
    • Maybe a plasma-tablet (although probably plasma-desktop and plasma-netbook will do everything).
    • Get the activity idea out (coupled with nepomuk).
    • Make people interested and want to join development. What do our "vip?" say about what they think the developmnet will be?
    • Start a usability discussion in kde land to collect ideas and concentrate development...

This nice post from Aaron on techbase could be a basis: [1] (binarylooks)

  • interviews with developers outside the hardcore KDE community using our technology
  • interviews with local translators (getting them closer to community & showing appreciation for their work)
  • interview with bugsquashers & other contributors following reasoning above
  • articles about the KDE teams like KDE edu or KDE games (interview some of them for example at akademy; write a bit about the apps in there (picking out a few, not overview all but go slightly deeper)

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