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*Carl Symons
*Carl Symons
*Danny Allen (Commit Digest only)
*Danny Allen (Commit Digest only)
*Jonathan Riddell
*Jos Poortvliet (Desktop Summit only)
*Jos Poortvliet (Desktop Summit only)
*Justin Kirby
*Justin Kirby

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  • List of Ideas for DOT articles. this will be moved to a general jobs page in the wiki redesign

KDE.News ("the Dot") is KDE's official news website. It carries news, official announcements, features, interviews and - soon - opinion articles.

The Dot is maintained by a team of editors, reachable via the Dot mailing list on [email protected]

Active members of the Dot editor team are:

  • Carl Symons
  • Danny Allen (Commit Digest only)
  • Jos Poortvliet (Desktop Summit only)
  • Justin Kirby
  • Kenny Dufus
  • Lydia Pintscher
  • Oriol Mirosa
  • Sebastian Kügler (release announcements only)
  • Stuart Jarvis
  • Thomas Thym
  • Troy Unrau

Information for Editors

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