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Promo/Branding/Software Label

KDE Software Label

Important - entries for the software label are now closed and voting will begin shortly. Please don't add further designs now as they probably won't be counted.

For giving application developers, and in particular 3rd party developers, a way to identify themselves with KDE and label their software as belonging to KDE we provide a standard KDE software label. This can be used to communicate that developers feel as part of the KDE community or that they use the KDE platform. It can be used for example on application web sites, in the about dialog of applications or in general communication about applications, especially in cases where it's not obvious that an application is part of KDE or making use of KDE technology.

To be able to express different aspects of the relationship to KDE and provide some variety for application authors we provide a choice of three labels, which are recommended for use with KDE software:

"Powered by KDE"

This label encompasses the dual meanings of software that derives its strength from our fantastic community and from the KDE development platform. This label is recommended for all free software applications whose developers feel part of the KDE community or which make use of KDE technology.

"Built on the KDE Platform"

This label has been chosen for the simplicity of the message it provides: this application uses the KDE platform. It is recommended for all application authors who want to stress their use of KDE technology.

"Part of the KDE family"

We recommend this label for application authors who in particular see themselves as part of the KDE community - and we hope anyone producing free software with the KDE Platform sees themselves this way.

Call for artwork

Important - entries for the software label are now closed and voting will begin shortly. Please don't add further designs now as they probably won't be counted.

We need great artwork for the labels above. Please submit designs here by uploading to the wiki and provide some means of contacting you. If you want to hide your email address you can try Mailhide where you can generate a URL that you can paste under your design - visitors will have to visit that link and solve a CAPTCHA to see your email address.

Further guidance on submissions

Important - entries for the software label are now closed and voting will begin shortly. Please don't add further designs now as they probably won't be counted.

The ideas below are great - thanks very much. We'll shortly be making one last call on the Dot and then taking a vote. We would like to see some design variations with a more horizontal web-banner type layout.

Also please do provide some means of contacting you. If you don't want your email address here at all you can send an email to stuart dot jarvis at Google's email service (gmail.com), identifying which is your submission. Thanks, Stu

By nn-d.de

Actually, this was the first proposal on this page but it was removed for some reason by StarWolf, so here I post it again:

Kde powered labels.png These labels are created according to the KDE corporate guidelines (i. e. they use Bistream Vera Sans). The form is derived from the KDE logo.

NndLabels2.png Here is a second idea which could be used parallely to my first sketch if you want to have something more horizontal.

By Bugsbane (@t gmail.com)

Powered-by-kde.png Metal badge to suggest the power in "powered by", silhouetted reflection of men and women at the bottom (happily holding hands, no less...) suggests kde being actual people, not just software. All done in svg. Just let me know if you'd like the original.

By StarWolf

Sparky.png Bbkde.png Bbkde2.png Kdestand11.png

My apologies when i uploaded these the first time looks like i wiped out others artwork .

web banners

Kd1ss.jpg Kdenanner.jpg Kdetrip.jpg Kwod.JPG Tracedr.jpg

Entry By verbalshadow

These are obviously based off the KDE Oxygen Logo Style which will help maintain Brand Identity. The gear is moved to the lower left to emphasize that these are the people, companies, and organizations that help move KDE and it's software. Provided additional colors for other KDE Group labels.

Software labels.png SVG File Media:Software_labels_no_font.svg

--Verbalshadow 05:29, 11 April 2010 (UTC)


These are in response to comments on the KDE Promo List. Softwarelabelsiterations.png

SVG File requires the open font League Gothic Media:Software_Labels_Iterations.svg

Verbalshadow 17:49, 9 May 2010 (UTC)

Entry By ivan

Ivan: Simple proposals based on oxygen logo, along with the monochrome versions. Not pixel-perfect, but that can be easily fixed...

Powered-by-kde-ivan-2010.png Powered-by-kde-ivan-2010-hrz.png

Entry by Droopy4096

Droopy4096 : logos that don't share common theme but rather reflect each concept separately


Entry by Dslaky

Dslaky : My simple but cheerful proposal, all made with vector graphics, with the possibility of future changes.


Entry by Saleel

Could use some more tweaking:

render of svg

Entry the other


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