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Promo/Branding/Software Label

For giving application developers - and in particular third party developers - a way to identify themselves with KDE and to label their software as such, we provide a standard set of KDE software labels. These can be used to communicate that developers feel themselves to be part of the KDE community or that they use the KDE platform. They can be used for example on application websites, in the about dialog of applications or in general communication about releases. They can be particularly useful in cases where it is not obvious that an application is part of KDE or making use of KDE technology.

You can download the images from the official KDE graphics page.

Choosing a label

To be able to express different aspects of the relationship to KDE and provide some variety for application authors we provide a choice of three labels, which are recommended for use with KDE software:

Powered by KDE

This label encompasses the dual meanings of software that derives its strength from our fantastic community and from the KDE development platform. This label is recommended for all free software applications whose developers feel part of the KDE community or which make use of KDE technology.

Built on the KDE Platform

This label has been chosen for the simplicity of the message it provides: this application uses the KDE platform. It is recommended for all application authors who want to stress their use of KDE technology.

Part of the KDE family

We recommend this label for application authors who in particular see themselves as part of the KDE community - and we hope anyone producing free software with KDE technology sees themselves this way.

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