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This is the page for coordination of booth work.

There is surely content out there which needs migrating here, and of course there are links to other interesting pages on the wiki:

promo material like Artwork and of course Booth box content.

Choosing/listing an event

There are lots of FOSS conferences happening all the time.  Check the following sites to see when there is one coming up in your area that KDE should be represented at.  We should also be sure to list KDE events on these sites such as Akademy, Akademy-BR, Akademy-ES, and Camp KDE where applicable.

At the event

KDE booths should aspire for a high(er) standard. There is work to do to prepare this, but a few things can be done rather easily.

  • Try to create a space for talking. If there is a table, move it to the wall instead of having it between the visitors and the KDE people
  • Try to be easy to recognize. As long as we don't have specific t-shirts for that, just take one of the merchandise T-shirts and wear 'em.
  • For a start here's a guide: Organize a booth and keep your sanity

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