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** 4.6 release planning
** 4.6 release planning
**upcoming release
**upcoming release
* Dot editors
**pruning list of dot editors
**finding new list admins
**talking about policies
*drink beer together
*drink beer together

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A list of things we would like to discuss - and do - at Akademy. This is not about planning for Akademy or promotion of Akademy itself, but rather an opportunity to discuss and work on promo issues in general.

There is a marketing BOF on Tuesday.

Added lists of people who might be interested in each

  • Userbase sections by user with list of useful apps (discuss groups, maybe start)
    • Anne Wilson
  • Discuss opening up comments section on the dot
  • Discussion of communication and coordination - strategy pages etc
    • Aaron Seigo
  • Discuss our long term plans: an userplanet, mean and lean release machine, kdeslides, advisory board, booth boxes etc
  • Discuss better integration of KDE communities in various places with the main KDE promotion effort (e.g. lots of cool stuff from South America, not all of which has got on the Dot)
  • Discuss short(er) term things:
    • Booklet
    • 4.6 release planning
    • upcoming release
  • Dot editors
    • pruning list of dot editors
    • finding new list admins
    • talking about policies
  • drink beer together
    • everyone (I'm saying here we should go out and have dinner and/or some drinks with the promo team at Akademy)

TO DO: interview Peter Grasch from simon-listens.org interview Lukas T from Krita http://lukast.mediablog.sk/log/?p=255

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