Marketing and Promotion

The marketing and promo team in KDE attends trade fairs and conferences, informing visitors using a booth and giving talks. We also write news articles, work on release announcements and other content for our webpages. If you're interested what we are doing, contact us by sending an email to [email protected]!

We are in the process of updating the Promo team pages on this wiki, so that things are easier to find. Therefore you will see some new pages immediately below, but old ones that have not yet been moved follow afterwards

Promo Pages

  • Get Involved
    • Jobs - these are some self-contained tasks you can start now if you would like to contribute to KDE as a promoter (incomplete at the moment)
    • Mentors
  • Guidance
  • Branding - these pages are about the KDE brand

  • KDE.News - General information about the Dot and editorial team
    • Rules - Agreement on how we do things on the Dot (mostly for Dot editors)
    • Drupal - How to prepare articles using the Dot's Drupal content management system (mostly for Dot Editors)

Old pages

Many of these are still relevant at the moment, but will eventually be migrated and updated.

Long term

  • Strategy - on these pages our strategic thoughts are aggregated
  • Material - here you can find materials like graphics and slides about KDE


Below the coordination pages

How to

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