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* [[Promo/NextRelease|next Release]] coordination
* [[Promo/NextRelease|next Release]] coordination
* [[Promo/BoothWork|Booth work]] coordination
* [[Promo/BoothWork|Booth work]] coordination
* [[Promo/Talking_Points|Talking Points]] coordination

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Marketing and Promotion

The marketing and promo team in KDE attends trade fairs and conferences, informing visitors using a booth and giving talks. We also write news articles, work on release announcements and other content for our webpages. If you're interested what we are doing, contact us by sending an email to [email protected]!

Long term:


Below the coordination pages

  • DOT team page for DOT coordination (rules, ideas for articles).
  • List of Tasks we have - and progress on them.
  • List of Events KDE will visit.
  • List of Speakers available for talks about KDE related topics.
  • The communcation Strategy can be found here. It lists specific topics which are hard to communicate or controversial. When writing or talking, look at those.
  • Release Party coordination
  • next Release coordination
  • Booth work coordination
  • Talking Points coordination

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