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= Old pages =
Many of these are still relevant at the moment, but will eventually be migrated and updated.
== Long term ==
* [[Promo/Strategy|Strategy]] - on these pages our strategic thoughts are aggregated
* [[Promo/Material|Material]] - here you can find materials like graphics and slides about KDE
== Coordination ==
Below the coordination pages
* [[Promo/JuniorJobs|Junior Jobs page]] Page with some (links to) junior jobs and things which could be picked up if ya want.
* [[Promo/DotTeam|DOT team page]] for DOT coordination (rules, ideas for articles).
* List of [[Promo/Tasks|Tasks]] we have - and progress on them.
* List of [[Promo/Events|Events]] KDE will visit.
* List of [[Promo/Events/Speakers|Speakers]] available for talks about KDE related topics.
* The communication [[Promo/Strategy|Strategy]] can be found here. It lists specific topics which are hard to communicate or controversial. When writing or talking, look at those.
* [[Promo/ReleaseParties|Release Party]] coordination
* [[Promo/NextRelease|next Release]] coordination
* [[Promo/BoothWork|Booth work]] coordination
* [[Promo/Akademy discussion|Things to discuss/do at Akademy]]
== How to ==
* [[Promo/youtube|Make YouTube videos of your desktop]] - to show cool features to the public
* [[Promo/Screenshots|Make good screenshots]] - to make kick-ass screenshots for release announcements and other stuff
* [[Promo/videoEditing|Edit Video on GNU Linux]] - the best solution for editing video on free software
* [[Promo/videoEditing2|Edit Video on GNU Linux Part 2]] - exporting and rendering video for mass consumption

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Marketing and Promotion

The marketing and promo team in KDE attends trade fairs and conferences, informing visitors using a booth and giving talks. We also write news articles, work on release announcements and other content for our webpages. If you're interested what we are doing, contact us by sending an email to [email protected]!

We are in the process of updating the Promo team pages on this wiki, so that things are easier to find. Therefore you will see some new pages immediately below, but old ones that have not yet been moved follow afterwards

How you can join our team

Joining the team is easy! Just contact us and let us know what you're interested in helping with. The best way to reach the group is by joining our mailing list and/or emailing us at [email protected] The three most common ways you can help include:

  1. Taking on a Junior Job – These are perfect for people who want to volunteer their time but don't quite know where to get started. The goal of this page is to provide easier tasks that other team members have identified which a new person could get started with. We've even assigned mentors who have volunteered to help you along the way so that you have someone specific to ask questions to if you get stuck or need guidance.
  2. [Proposing your own idea] – See an opportunity to spread KDE that we haven't thought of? Want to get help with making it happen? Let us know by contacting our mailing list ([email protected]) so that we can provide feedback and potentially help you out along the way.
  3. Representing KDE at an event – We are always in need of people to represent KDE at conferences, local meetings, etc. All you need is a passion for using KDE and the right materials. You provide the passion, we'll provide the rest! Check out this section to download all the material you'll need to give a lecture or host a booth at an event.

Reference materials

There are a huge number of things going on within the Promo team. The wiki has become our home for keeping track of things and storing relevant information. Everything that doesn't fit into one of the 3 activities listed above can be found in one of the following areas:

  1. Communication guidance – Read helpful tips on articulating our software brands, describing our underlying technologies, engaging the press, and more.
  2. Communication channels – Obtain information about the tools such as the Dot, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc, which we use to spread news of KDE.
  3. Release information – Learn what's new in the latest release and how you can show it off to the world.
  4. Scratchpad – A home for miscellaneous “stuff” that doesn't have a real home yet but needed to be written down somewhere

Promo Pages

  • Get Involved
    • Jobs - these are some self-contained tasks you can start now if you would like to contribute to KDE as a promoter (incomplete at the moment)
    • Mentors
  • KDE.News - General information about the Dot and editorial team
    • Rules - Agreement on how we do things on the Dot (mostly for Dot editors)
    • Drupal - How to prepare articles using the Dot's Drupal content management system (mostly for Dot Editors)

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