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Projects/Liberty/File Formats/Viking Pfaff

Viking/Husqvarna Pfaff/Singer 3 VP3

The VP3 file format appears to be series of nested sections. Most sections contain tagged records.

In the style of Backus–Naur Form,

File = File-header Extent

Extent = Extent-header {Hoop}

Hoop = Hoop-header Canvas Threads

Threads = Threads-header {Thread}

Thread = Thread-header Colours Thread-text Thread-detail Stitches Thread-end

Colours = {Colour}

Stitches = Stitches-header {Stitch}


Offset Length Type Description
0 6 ASCIIZ Signature = "%vsn%"
6 N1 N-WStr Producer 16 bit big-endian length in bytes followed by 16 bit characters

This file format appears to describe a stitch out similar to that used in JEF files.

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