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[[Projects/Liberty/Hoops|Hoops]] Hoop sizes for various machines
[[Projects/Liberty/Hoops|Hoops]] Hoop sizes for various machines
[[Projects/Liberty/Appendix_1|Appendix 1]] Notes from emails etc..
[[Projects/Liberty/Appendix_1|Appendix 1]] Notes from emails etc.
[[Projects/Liberty/Appendix_2|Appendix 2]] Open file format XML

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The Liberty Embroidery Project

Authors David Boddie
Robert Forsyth (purple-bobby)
Anne Wilson (annew)

Introduction Objects of the project, Stage 1 The Design Gallery - some definitions

Design Modules Notes regarding stages and workflow of the design process

User Interface The User Interface

Menus Menus, Toolbars and Shortcuts

Use Cases Steps of complexity illustrated in scenarios

File Formats Index of Embroidery File Formats

Hoops Hoop sizes for various machines

Appendix 1 Notes from emails etc.

Appendix 2 Open file format XML

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