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things left to do

kdev-clang blockers

  • implement functions is broken
  • add include helper

get a vision

  • see a doctor

bof notess

  • remove oldcpp
  • not even keep it around for installing both
  • we'll keep .kdev4 in project files and config folder names
  • we'll add migration code
  • shortcuts: streamline them, desirable. but try to keep compatibility if possible by setting old shortcut as alternative. maybe offer the possibility to import old shortcuts via kxmlgui (which is broken?, but could be fixed/done). while at it: add emacs, vim, visual studio short cut sets etc.
  • also: make sure to document new shortcuts
  • for the release announcement of beta 1:
    • market it as a tech preview, still api can be changed
    • clearly document regressions and new features - why is it better, even though some wizards/features got removed, and why is it still OK to go ahead with this functionality
    • create an ehterpad for the release announcements

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