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Intro to do
Intro to do
Tutorials detailing KDE Games specific topics
;[[/KStandardGameAction| KStandardGameAction]]
:''Using libkdegames to make your game fit the kdegames standard''
;[[/Highscores| Highscores]]
:''Implementing a simple highscore table into your game''
;[[/Theme Selector| Theme Selector]]
:''Using the libkdegames theme selection dialog''
===See also===
===See also===

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Intro to do

See also





We are doing meeting on IRC every month to talk about the games development. The New people a

Next Meeting : 1st June

Last meetings' logs:


On the 2007's akademy, we will giving a common KDEgame's talk managed by Mauricio Piacentini. Each kdegames dude will talk about what he did / is doing.

Will be here:

  • Mauricio Piacentini
  • Johann Ollivier Lapeyre
  • Eugene Trounev
  • Matt Williams
  • Nicolas Roffet

To prepare the talk, like time and content, we must know who be here at first, share this time, and talk about content at the meeting

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