Project Elegance

How Project Elegance Works

Project Elegance is an initiative started by interested and concerned KDE contributors as a way to help identify, define and coordinate inter-project initiatives that focus on improving specific aspects of the software. This is done through a process of proposal writing and acceptance and is completely driven by peer review and voluntary participation. It is not a top-down direction creator for the KDE community, but more of a "think tank" that directs energies at issues that touch at the heart of and across the breadth of KDE software.

The proposal process is what drives Project Elegance. A proposal starts as a "work in progress" during which time a KDE participant starts with the proposal template and documents the issue, provides information on research and other supporting information and proposed solutions.

When ready, the proposal is moved to the Matured Proposals section where members of Project Elegance can examine it with the community. After discussion and revision, if needed, the proposal will then either be put in queue for being a Featured Proposal or it will be deferred.

With each release cycle, 1-3 matured proposals will be selected as focus issues for that release cycle. Project Elegance members will communicate this to the KDE community using our email lists, blogs, etc. Those who wish to participate in implementing those improvements may do so and will be supported in doing so by Project Elegance participants.

After a given release cycle, the featured proposals will be moved into the accepted proposals section for future reference and use in implementation of new software. This will allow us to build up a reference library of proposals with value that can be consulted as appropriate and useful to KDE participants.

Currently Featured Proposals

KDE Elegance developers have decided to focus attention on the following proposal for the release cycle:

Accepted Proposals

The following list contains proposals that were featured in previous release cycles and can be considered mature and useful for implementation where appropriate, such as in new applications or libraries:

Matured Proposals

Below is a list of proposals that the author(s) deem as being ready for consideration for being featured in an upcoming release cycle:

Work In Progress Proposals

To start a new proposal for Project Elegance please use the following template: Elegance/Template and add a link to it to the list below.

Below is a list of proposals that are being actively worked on by their authors with the goal of reaching maturity and eventual consideration for being a focus item. If you want to help with any of them please contact the author.

Deferred Proposals

The following matured proposals have been indefinitely deferred due to design conflicts, duplicate functionality, were abandoned by the authors before reaching maturity or for other reasons which are noted on the proposal page itself:


Reaching for Greatness, Aaron Seigo, keynote 2010 Akademy

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