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Project Elegance

Project Elegance

Place for team collaboration, especially when reimplementing functionality or forking code from another project.

Targeted Opportunities

Senior KDE developers have placed emphasis on reaching goals for release.


List specific feature where code has been forked, or functionality has been duplicated

Mature Practices

Examples of libraries that are reused and provide robust features -- Look here before forking, move an item out of here if you are experimenting with a fork or reimplementation of this code, and put it back here when done

Proposed Opportunities

These pages have some notes and ideas -- if in doubt add your item here

Out of scope Opportunities

A design decision has been made to duplicate functionality, or functionality has branched at lower level for overriding reasons


Reaching for Greatness, Aaron Seigo, keynote 2010 Akademy


A template for these projects PE/Template

Orchestrate or avoid individual enhancement forks, and provide consistent operation and powerful functionality to all KDE programs. KDE, qt, C++, and our Community.

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