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Save as much power as possible without bothering the user. Allow customization without cluttering the GUI

Persona 1: Amy

Amy is 36, single and works as an administrator in the biology department. Her department is very distributed, they have different buildings and even some outside areas, where they e.g. grow plants.

She is very concerned about the security in the network and has her own mind about it. And she wants her tools to support her in this work. Actually it is part of her job description to act like this: She sets up all the computers of her colleagues - so they can work securely wherever they are. But she also helps to run the conferences her university holds and she is in charge of getting all the students into the internet.

Because of her position she needs really secure access to the University network from whereever she is. This can be quite tricky from time to time, because she is also technically interested and has lots of devices to play around with.

Persona 2: Penny

Penny is 20, single and works as a waitress in the cheesecake factory. She has only one laptop. She mainly uses the laptop at home, but from time to time she also takes it into work, to show her colleagues the newest LoLCat videos on YouTube she found. She does not even have an understanding of security issues on the computer or in networks,


We think the following places are of interest:

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