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This policy describes how security related issues are handled after they have been reported to security@kde.org.

Issues that are brought to the attention of security@kde.org are handled discretely. The issue will be verified and the author/maintainer of the affected code will usually be contacted. If the issue is indeed considered to be a problem the need for an immediate fix is assessed. The security team will notify also affected parties which are known to reuse the affected code.

If an immediate fix is not considered necessary a security alert is issued via http://dot.kde.org, bugtraq and kde-announce@kde.org.

If a fix is considered necessary, KDE release coordinators are contacted and KDE vendor packagers, Linux distributors and other prenotification mailing lists are informed once a fix is available that has passed review on security@kde.org. We then give them a reasonable amount of time to prepare binary packages. After that time we issue a security alert via dot.kde.org, bugtraq and kde-announce@kde.org. Patches in source form and any available updated binaries are published at the same time.

All security alerts are published on http://www.kde.org/info/security/.

KDE developers that want to join security@kde.org can send a motivated request to security@kde.org. Applications will be evaluated on a case by case basis by the current members. The main criteria is the extent to which someone can be helpful in excuting the security policy as described here. That includes a willingness not to disclose issues prematurely.

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