Policies/Application Lifecycle/Draft

KDE is a friendly community which hosts hundreds of projects. Any project which follows the KDE manifesto and KDE Vision is welcome to join us.

The term "application" is used here to mean any project hosted in KDE Git and includes programming libraries and development tools but not typically infrastructure tools or projects with other end product outputs.



playground is a Git module for projects starting development

  • You will need a Git write account which needs a referral from another KDE contributor, see Get_a_Developer_Account
  • You will need to to ask sysadmin to create a module
  • Projects can start in scratch repos without asking for a repo, see Git KDE.org manual
  • Projects can make alpha releases and can put them on download.kde.org unstable
  • Projects can ask for translations for their master branch only


Projects which started life outside of KDE are welcome to join us if you feel our community makes a good fit through the KDE Incubator.

  • The projects should follow the KDE Incubator process.
  • A sponsor will guide you through the process and check your project complies with the needs of the KDE community


Projects move into kdereview when they are ready to start making beta or stable releases. It allows for the KDE community to check over for minimum standards.


Your project is now active and can make beta or stable releases. Find the best home for your project based on contents and release process wanted.

  • After two weeks in kdereview you can move it in repo-metadata, file a Sysadmin ticket if unsure.
  • KDE Frameworks are programmer libararies
  • Plasma is a cross device work environment where trust is put on the users' capacity to best define her own workflow and preferences.
    • It is typically released 3 times a year
    • Projects released as part of Plasma must fit well together and be a useful part of the user's work experience.
    • They would not be useful to users of other desktops.
    • Version numbers and stable branches are made by release dude
    • Ask on plasma-devel for consideration of inclusion
  • KDE Applications
    • Are released typically 3 times a year en-mass
    • Includes a range of libraries, applications and developer tools
    • External version numbers (projects often have their own internal version numbering scheme) and stable branches are made by release dude
    • Ask release-team or module coordinators for inclusion
  • Self Released
    • Also called Extragear
    • Many projects make their own releases
    • They can use whatever version number scheme they want and can release in their own timeframe
    • Use releaseme to make releases, see Releasing Extragear Software


If a project is no longer useful you can move it to unmaintained. It can move here from any stage in the lifecycle.

Consider suggesting to KDE Gardening team to maintain it if there are still valid use cases.

You can move your project in repo-metadata, see repo-metadata README or file a Sysadmin ticket asking for the move


All projects with user-visible strings must have translations.

Whenever moving projects between Git modules or when you make a new stable branch you must tell [kde-i18n-doc https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-i18n-doc] mailing list to update the translation branches.

See i18n wiki pages.

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