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KDE is a friendly community which hosts hundreds of projects. Any project which follows the KDE manifesto and KDE Vision is welcome to join us.

The term "application" is used here to mean any project hosted in KDE Git and includes programming libraries and development tools but not typically infrastructure tools or projects with other end product outputs.



  • playground is a Git module for projects starting development
  • You will need a Git write account which needs a referral from another KDE contributor, see [/Infrastructure/Get_a_Developer_Account]
  • You will need to to ask sysadmin to create a module
  • Projects can start in scratch repos without asking for a repo, see [Sysadmin/GitKdeOrgManual Git KDE.org manual]
  • Projects can make alpha releases and can put them on download.kde.org unstable
  • Projects can ask for translations for their master branch only

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