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Plasma/libplasma2/API Review/Corona

Status Action Method
DONE Keep explicit Corona(QObject * parent);
DONE Keep ~Corona();
DONE Keep Plasma::Package package() const;
DONE Remove void setAppletMimeType(const QString &mimetype);
DONE Remove QString appletMimeType();
DONE Remove QString defaultContainmentPlugin() const; -> will be in the package
DONE Keep QList<Containment*> containments() const;
DONE Keep KSharedConfig::Ptr config() const;
IN PROGRESS Rename Containment *addContainment(const QString &name, const QVariantList &args ); ->createContainment, remove args
DONE Keep Containment *containmentForScreen(int screen) const;
DONE Remove Containment *containmentForScreen(int screen, const QString &defaultPluginIfNonExistent, const QVariantList &defaultArgs );
DONE Keep virtual int numScreens() const;
DONE Keep virtual QRect screenGeometry(int id) const;
DONE Keep virtual QRegion availableScreenRegion(int id) const;
DONE Keep QList<Plasma::Location> freeEdges(int screen) const;
DONE Remove void updateShortcuts();-> Only used internally, don’t expose
DONE Remove void addShortcuts(KActionCollection *newShortcuts); also remove:
       * CoronaPrivate::actionCollections
       * "configure shortcuts" actions
       * CoronaPrivate::showShortcutConfig 
DONE Keep KActionCollection* actions() const;
DONE Remove void setContainmentActionsDefault(Plasma::ContainmentType containmentType, QEventQString *trigger, const QString &name);
DONE Remove QString containmentActionsDefault(ContainmentType containmentType, QEvent *triggerQString &trigger) const;
DONE Rename QHash<QString, QString>containmentActionsDefaults(ContainmentType containmentType) const; ->defaultContainmentActions() and reads what’s in the package()
DONE Remove void setDialogManager(AbstractDialogManager *manager); Remove AbstractDialogManager class
DONE Remove AbstractDialogManager *dialogManager();
DONE Remove QString preferredToolBoxPlugin(const ContainmentType type) const; -> into the package()
DONE Keep QList<Plasma::Containment *> importLayout(const KConfigGroup &config);
DONE Keep void exportLayout(KConfigGroup &config, QList<Containment*> containments);
DONE Remove SLOT void initializeLayout(const QString &config );
DONE Keep SLOT void loadLayout(const QString &config );
DONE Keep SLOT void saveLayout(const QString &config ) const;
DONE Keep SLOT ImmutabilityType immutability() const;
DONE Keep SLOT void setImmutability(const ImmutabilityType immutable);
DONE Keep SLOT void requestConfigSync();
DONE Keep SLOT void requireConfigSync();
DONE Keep SIGNAL void containmentAdded(Plasma::Containment *containment);
DONE Keep SIGNAL void screenOwnerChanged(int wasScreen, int isScreen, Plasma::Containment *containment);
DONE Remove SIGNAL void releaseVisualFocus();
DONE Keep SIGNAL void configSynced(); ->remains, still a workaround though
DONE Keep SIGNAL void availableScreenRegionChanged();
DONE Keep SIGNAL void immutabilityChanged(Plasma::ImmutabilityType immutability);
DONE Remove SIGNAL void shortcutsChanged();
DONE Keep protected virtual void loadDefaultLayout();
DONE Remove protected  void setPreferredToolBoxPlugin(const ContainmentType type, const QString &plugin); -> read from package()
DONE Remove protected void setDefaultContainmentPlugin(const QString &name);-> goes in package(), will be done for containment type

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