Plasma/libplasma2/API Review/Containment


All qproperties and invokables must go


Type probably goes in plasma.h

       enum Type {
           NoContainmentType = -1,  /**< @internal */
           DesktopContainment = 0,  /**< A desktop containment */ New name -> suggestions [ Canvas ]
           PanelContainment,        /**< A desktop panel */
           CustomContainment = 127, /**< A containment that is neither a desktop nor a panel
                                       but something application specific */
          CustomPanelContainment = 128 /**< A customized desktop panel */

ToolType goes in plasma.h it becomes ActionType (not related to toolbox anymore)

       enum ToolType {
           AddTool = 0,
           ConfigureTool = 100,
           ControlTool = 200,
           MiscTool = 300,
           DestructiveTool = 400,
           UserToolType = DestructiveTool + 1000
Status Action Enum
DONE Move Type -> move to Plasma::ContainmenType
DONE Move ToolType -> move to Plasma::ActionType


Status Action Method
DONE Keep explicit Containment(QObject *parent , const QString &serviceId , uint containmentId );
DONE Keep Containment(QObject *parent, const QVariantList &args);
DONE Keep ~Containment();


Status Action Method
DONE Rename Applet *addApplet(const QString &name, const QVariantList args, const QRectF geometry ; -> becomes createApplet, args and geometry arguments go away
DONE Paramenters void addApplet(Applet *applet, const QPointF pos); -> pos parameter goes
DONE Keep QList<Applet *> applets() const;
DONE Remove void clearApplets();
DONE Paramenters void setScreen(int screen, int desktop); -> remove desktop
DONE Keep int screen() const;
DONE Remove int lastScreen() const;
DONE Remove int desktop() const;
DONE Remove int lastDesktop() const;
DONE Remove void addAssociatedWidget(QWidget *widget);
DONE Remove  void removeAssociatedWidget(QWidget *widget);
TO DO Remove  bool drawWallpaper(); <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Remove  slot void setDrawWallpaper(bool drawWallpaper); <{{{3}}}>
DONE Keep  signal void wallpaperChanged();
DONE Keep  void setWallpaper(const QString &pluginName);
DONE Keep  QString wallpaper() const;
DONE Keep  void setActivity(const QString &activityId);
DONE Keep  QString activity() const;
DONE Paramenters signal void appletAdded(Plasma::Applet *applet, const QPointF &pos); Remove pos
DONE Keep  signal void appletRemoved(Plasma::Applet *applet);
IN PROGRESS Paramenters void screenChanged(int wasScreen, int isScreen, Plasma::Containment *containment); -> remove containment parameter. From the usage in Corona seems that the containment parameter may make sense (can be converted to use sender() but seems uglier)
DONE Keep  void configureRequested(Plasma::Containment *containment); -> not completely sure
DONE Keep  slot void setLocation(Plasma::Location location);
DONE Keep  slot void setFormFactor(Plasma::FormFactor formFactor);
DONE Remove  slot void destroy();
DONE Remove  slot void destroy(bool confirm);
DONE Keep slot void setContainmentType(Containment::Type type);


Status Action Method
DONE Keep void enableAction(const QString &name, bool enable);
DONE Remove void addToolBoxAction(QAction *action);
DONE Remove void removeToolBoxAction(QAction *action);

Containment Actions

Status Action Method
DONE Rename void setContainmentActions(const QString &trigger, const QString &pluginName); -> Rename to addContainmentActions
DONE Remove QString containmentActions(const QString &trigger);
DONE Remove QStringList containmentActionsTriggers();
IN PROGRESS Add QHash<QString, ContainmentsActions *> containmentActions() const;
IN PROGRESS Remove KConfigGroup containmentActionsConfig(); Remove after adding ContainmentActions::config() -> problem is that this config group has to exist before ContainmentActions * itself

Plugin loading

Status Action Method
DONE PluginLoader static KPluginInfo::List listContainments(const QString &category, const QString &parentApp);
DONE PluginLoader static KPluginInfo::List listContainmentsOfType(const QString &type, const QString &category , const QString &parentApp );
DONE PluginLoader static QStringList listContainmentTypes();
DONE PluginLoader static KPluginInfo::List listContainmentsForMimeType(const QString &mimeType);


Status Action Method
DONE Keep void save(KConfigGroup &group) const;
DONE Keep void restore(KConfigGroup &group);
DONE Keep protected virtual void saveContents(KConfigGroup &group) const;
DONE Keep protected virtual void restoreContents(KConfigGroup &group);
TO DO Move slot void showConfigurationInterface(); -> into scriptengine <{{{3}}}>

UI specific stuff

UI specific things don't belong to this library

Status Action Method
DONE Remove void showContextMenu(const QPointF &containmentPos, const QPoint &screenPos);
DONE Remove virtual void showDropZone(const QPoint pos);
DONE Remove void contextMenuEvent(QContextMenuEvent *event);
DONE Remove void wheelEvent(QWheelEvent *event);
DONE Remove signal void toolBoxToggled();
DONE Remove signal void toolBoxVisibilityChanged(bool);

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