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This page is dedicated to planning of the libplasma2.

libplasma2 will be binary and source incompatible with the current libplasma. This means that we can fix some issues that are currently present in plasma's design.

Enter the issues you wish fixed in the following form:

Idea: Change libplasma2
Summary: We have a chance to change stuff now
Proposed solution: We change things
Discussion: http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/plasma-devel/2010-October

Issues with libplasma1

Idea: Svg::setImagePath is not virtual
Summary: FrameSvg (and potentially other subclasses of Svg) need to take action when the image path is changed. setImagePath is not virtual nor does it call any internal virtuals. This has resulted in a necessary but unfortunate hack in Svg::setImagePath specifically for FrameSvg.
Proposed solution: Make Svg::setImagePath virtual.

Idea: Merge Theme::findInCache methods
Summary: There are multiple findInCache methods in Theme, which could be merged into one method with suitable default parameters.
Proposed solution: Merge methods.

Idea: Merge ExtenderItem::setGroup methods
Summary: There are multiple setGroup methods in ExtenderItem, which could be merged into one method with suitable default parameters.
Proposed solution: Merge methods.

Idea: Dialog::graphicsWidget() is not const
Summary: As a simple getter, graphicsWidget() should be const.
Proposed solution: Make Dialog::graphicsWidget() const.

Idea: Wallpaper has a protected data member
Summary: QList<QAction*> contextActions is not in the dptr.
Proposed solution: Move QList<QAction*> contextActions; to WallpaperPrivate

Idea: Use virtuals instead of slots in AbstractToolBox
Summary: There are three slots in AbstractToolBox that really ought to be virtuals: restore, save and reposition. They are currently QMetaObject::invoke()'d instead.
Proposed solution: Make them virtual.

Idea: isBusy Q_PROPERTY duplicate in Applet
Summary: There are two "busy" Q_PROPERTY entries defined in Applet: isBusy and busy. The latter is the correct frm.
Proposed solution: Remove the isBusy Q_PROPERTY, leaving just busy.

Idea: Applet::geometryChanged() superfluous now
Summary: QGraphicsWidget has a geometryChanged() signal now, it is only kept in Applet to preserve binary compatibility.
Proposed solution: Remove Applet::geometryChanged().

Idea: Applet::messageButtonPressed() should pass the fully qualified type
Summary: Applet has a signal void messageButtonPressed(const MessageButton button). Since moc does a string comparison in connect, trying to connect it to a slot that takes "Plasma::MessageButton" will not work because "MessageButton" != "Plasma::MessageButton"
Proposed solution: Change it to messageButtonPressed(const Plasma::MessageButton button);

Idea: QMimeData * AbstractRunner::mimeDataForMatch(...)
Summary: mimeDataForMatch is a slot due to BC.
Proposed solution: Change it to a virtual method

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