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  • Make distros ship defaults
    • Distros to look up to: Kubuntu, OpenSuse, ArchLinux, Chakra, Mageia, Fedora
    • Collect defaults, ask why?
    • Proceed to merge to upstream or ignore, negotiate middle grounds.
  • Review default activities
    • Make sure they are useful, gain expertise in them
    • Improve naming
  • Location API
  • NM redesign
  • Web accounts
  • Activities support in apps
    • Konversation, ¿Quassel?. Activity per chat room, global chat rooms?
    • KDevelop. Match Session and activity
    • PIM. Depends on the application, need feedback from PIM developers.
    • Gwenview. Improve welcome page to match the activity
    • Konqueror, rekonq. Browsing+Activities FTW
    • Firefox, Chrome. Figure out if we can get something done there, maybe extensions?
    • KDE Telepathy
    • Yakuake. Different tab sets per activity?
  • Consolidate screen edge actions
  • Taskbar entries should be merged with KSNI
    • Find a way of making application developers stop using the systray as a taskbar.
    • We must find a way of merge KSNI and taskbar entries.
    • It seems that Canonical developed something called BAMF that apparently does the job. Research BAMF.
  • Startup performance
  • Open with dialog redesign
  • Fix screen unplugging
  • ownCloud sync
  • Streamline ui's look&feel of popup applets/panel
    • Document inconsistencies we have right now (Bluetooth, Network, Klipper...)
    • Create guidelines of how applets should look (Bluetooth, Network, Klipper...)
  • Visual feedback on window edges
    • Make present windows discoverable
    • Visual feedback on hot corners
    • See: KWin/Screen_Edges
    • Improve visual feedback for hidden panels
  • IM needs improvement
    • The Plasma experience of IM is shit. The Telepathy team is on it.


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In Progress


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