Plasma/Wayland Showstoppers

This page tracks the Wayland showstoppers throughout the stack.

KWin/compositing/window management


  • Touchpad Gestures:
    • They are not configurable
    • They are very boolean, they don't show any feedback until they're executed.
  • No XModmap; we lack a functionality like XModmap to remap keys.
  • Can't type accented characters in native Wayland Qt apps:


  • Session restoring does not include Wayland native windows. Our sessions management recover engine is based on the X Session Management Protocol and there is apparently currently no generic concept to do it on Wayland. But on Qt it's plugin-able and GNOME has according to their wiki an own implementation for some time.
  • No activities.
  • Session sometimes crashes when changing Global Themes:

Drag and Drop issues

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