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Plasma/Wayland Showstoppers

This page tracks the Wayland showstoppers through out the stack

General issues

No vertical / horizontal maximize of Wayland native clients

KWin uses NetWM modes internally to do this. Works with Xwayland clients.

No Drag and Drop between Wayland native and Xwayland clients

From Wayland to Xwayland ignores. From Xwayland to Wayland falls through.

No remote support

We don't have an API yet for remote support. Even if we had things like TeamViewer would not work any more.

Partly fixed since we now have an API for screencast using a separate KWayland interface. There is also already support in xdg-desktop-portals for convenience of other apps and general support in Flatpaks. What's still missing is an API for remote input.


The NVIDIA blob is not supported as it uses a custom EGL extension. It would require additional code just for NVIDIA. On the other hand many users are on NVIDIA. Further information: To EGL Stream or Not and Plasma/Wayland and NVIDIA – 2017 edition


QT_QPA_PLATFORM is set to wayland breaking any application which has Qt included (e.g. appimages, proprietary software) and doesn't have wayland QPA.

Fixed by not setting the variable in system, but let every app decide on itself. With 5.11 setting this variable is not needed at all anymore, because it autodetects the windowing system.


No (wacom) Tablet support

KWin lacks integration the tablet support from libinput. Also KWayland lacks wrapping the API for it.

No configurable gestures

X has the ability to accept fake input events to allow programs such as Easystroke. With the new security model of Wayland, such a program would need to be part of the compositor.

No XModmap

We lack a functionality like XModmap to remap keys. See xkbcommon-issue40 --> Explain how this issue is related?


Virtual Desktops

We don't have an API yet for virtual desktops, so pager is not working

Native Wayland windows are not restored

Session restoring does not include Wayland native windows. Our sessions management recover engine is based on the X Session Management Protocol and there is apparently currently no generic concept to do it on Wayland. But on Qt it's plugin-able and GNOME has according to their wiki an own implementation for some time.

No window thumbnails

We don't have an API yet for window thumbnails.

No window move on empty area in breeze

Broke with switch to XdgShellV6. Needs new API added to Qt (native interface), KWayland and Breeze.


There's a crash I know (but fixing properly breaks X). Might be more stuff with SDDM, needs investigation

No activities

Activities are probably not a must-have feature, but anyway this is annoying for those who got accustomed to them on X11.


No animated cursors

See QTBUG-48181



Fixed in Qt 5.9.5

Key repeat not working

See QTBUG-55615

Compose key not working

Will be fixed in Qt 5.11, expected May 2018. See QTBUG-54792

Fixed in Qt 5.11

No tablet support

QtWayland does not yet support the tablet API. So even if KWin had support Qt would not be able to use it.

Fullscreen does not work

see QTBUG-63748

Fixed in Qt 5.12

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