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Things for the Ears


For Plasma users Plasma Volume provides a way to change relevant sound volume in a quick and easy manner. Unlike KMix it is built using Plasma and integrates visually into the Plasma system tray. Unlike veromix it doesn't bury the user in options they will not ever need.


Susan, 34, Recreational user. While Susan seldom uses her computer for work, it has become an essential part of her social life. With her computer, she can be creative and spread this creativity in the world. She chats with her friends, shares music, playlists and other media, creates videos and uploads them to her web space, and runs a blog with her own style. She can't imagine a life without her laptop. Still, she is a fun person and does not want to worry about technical details. She expects her machine to work.

= User Stories

  • watches movie -> too quiet
  • opens browser -> restores tabs -> youtube starts playing too loud
  • plugs in headphones -> sound comes out somewhere
  • does voice call -> too loud
  • does voice call with headphones -> too quiet
  • does voice call with haedphones and music on the speakers? (vice versa?) (not at all?)

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